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Here we are

8 June, 2011

So what’s going on?

Floriditas turned six in March this year, hard to believe it really. When we set up Flo’s we said let’s give it ten years .The past six years have gone in a flash, still lots to do yet, so let’s give it another ten years!

The website now lets you see what we are up to, so have a look at our menus and wine list and share our recipes and seasonal inspiration from Floriditas and what we are up to at home.

Working as usual on new dishes, and reviving some much loved dishes for the winter season, fish pie, porridge with Pedro Xiemenx sherry raisins and tamarillo and dark chocolate tart.

The first tamarillos are in the bakery and when peeled & macerated in a little brown sugar they are superb. So many uses, and full of such good things - vitamins A,B6,C,E & thiamine.

Fresh local walnuts & hazelnuts feature on all the menus at present from the McDonalds Farm, at the base of the Tararuas. The nut crop this year is very high quality and quantity with the “Meyric” walnuts being exceptionally creamy.

Feijoas abound with their flesh creamy and jelly like. I deliberately detour via the bakery walk-in to take in the deep rich fragrant scent. Feijoas lightly poached, with vanilla and local limes for breakfast or with softly whipped cream and brown sugar Pavlova for dessert, but best of all eaten with a knife and spoon, unadorned at any time of the day.

Thanks to all especially Gary & Jonathan for getting us here.